Performance Issues 

Performance management at its best embraces all aspects of manager employee relationships including 
Performance management at its best embraces all aspects of manager employee relationships including: 
managing capability and conduct issues 
managing disciplinary and dismissal issues 
managing sickness absence 
employee wellbeing 
learning and development 
morale building 
employee wellbeing 
It is a complex field, easily misunderstood, covering every activity within an organisation, and must be set in the context of human resource policies, culture, style and communications systems. 
To carry out performance management, most businesses, like yours, will work to the standards of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). You will recognise the importance of making sure your performance management approach is both strategic and integrated. 
Strategic as it revolves around broad issues and long-term goals and integrated as it links various aspects of the business, people management, individuals and teams, including: 
Performance improvement - individual, team and organisational 
Development - continuous development of individuals and team performance 
Managing behaviour – encouraging those within the organisation to foster better working relationships 
When we work with you to create your performance management system, you will receive bespoke performance assessment schemes to annually assess individuals’ progress, development and target achievements. You will also gain an understanding of what leadership practices would work best for your business in order to further improve performance. 
Additionally, when you face major change or company restructuring, we will support these processes with assessment tools designed specifically to assist in the process of staff reduction, retraining, transfer or outplacement. 
Call us today on 01379 898784 to discuss what performance management, or even retirement tools, will benefit your business in terms of time and cost-efficiency. 
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