Do you have an expertly written social media policy in your staff handbook? 
Social media usage in the workplace is a complicated subject. In the fast paced, ever changing world of social media and networking employers are finding that they need to protect themselves, their reputation and their company information from abuse. Related problems also include time spent on social media activities whilst at work and potential damaging usage in out of work hours. 
Some employers believe a blanket ban is the easiest way to deal with social media, but this is very difficult to enforce and may not actually be necessary. It may even work against employers if it promotes a feeling of distrust between them and their employees. 
It is likely that the best way to approach the use of social media is sensible management and a carefully considered Social Media Policy to set standards of behaviour for use. Furthermore, such a policy can help the employer to protect itself against liability for the actions of the workers and also assist in performance management where social media usage is a factor. 
This suggests that if you do not already have one you should allow us to develop a social media policy for you. Using our experience and knowledge we can help you craft a policy appropriate for your specific needs. Contact us on: 
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