Posts from December 2017

Equal Pay for Equal work 
Asda equal pay claims 
In the case of Asda Stores Ltd v Mrs S Bierley & Others the Employment Appeal Tribunal ("EAT") confirmed that a group of lower paid, mostly female, employees who work in Asda's retail stores can compare themselves to higher paid men who work in the distribution centres for the purposes of equal pay. The claim was brought by over 7,000 former and current employees of Asda, claiming pay dating back to 2002. The store workers argued that they carry out work of equal value to the men in the distribution centres, but are paid less. 
Disciplinary investigations 
A recent case has demonstrated that the investigating officer conducting an alleged disciplinary offence should only take guidance on procedure and the Employment Law from an HR supporter and that his/her recommendations should be their own and not be influenced by the views of the HR person. 
Sickness cases 
Recent dismissal cases based upon ill health dismissals have confirmed that Occupational health assessments should be undertaken. 
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