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Do you have an expertly written social media policy in your staff handbook? 
Social media usage in the workplace is a complicated subject. In the fast paced, ever changing world of social media and networking employers are finding that they need to protect themselves, their reputation and their company information from abuse. Related problems also include time spent on social media activities whilst at work and potential damaging usage in out of work hours. 
Risk Assessment and Method Statements 
Controlling Risk 
Employers have a duty to assess risks and take steps to avoid or control risks. In order to control risk you need to fully understand what they are. Risk assessments will help to achieve identify them and are a useful tool to open up understanding and conversations about the following: 
involving workers when considering potential risks and measure to control them 
taking steps to ensure risks are removed where possible or putting in control measures 
instruct, train and supervise your staff 
identifying tasks which are too dangerous to be carried out by an unaccompanied worker 
ensuring a lone worker has back up as and when needed and is not undertaking work alone when it has been identified dangerous to do so 
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