PSC - ‘People with Significant Control’ 
Since 6th April 2016 UK companies, incorporated charities and LLPs have been required to keep a register of people with significant control over them (a Register of People with Significant Control, or a ‘PSC’ register). After 30th June 2016 at the anniversary of their incorporation, companies must file this information with Companies House in their Confirmation Statements. This information will then be publicly available. 
If you have not already, the first thing you will need to do is identify your PSCs and establish a register. For the majority of companies PSC’s will be: 
people who hold more than 25% of a company’s shares, 
and/or hold more than 25% of a company’s voting rights, 
and/or have the right to appoint or remove the majority of directors. 
You also need to understand what information is included on the PSC register – it currently includes: name, service and residential address, date of birth, nationality and nature of control over the entity. 
Criminal penalties exist for non-compliance and PSCs who fail to provide information can have their shares and rights restricted. 
Companies House Annual Return Change 
From 30th June 2016 a confirmation statement will be used in place of the submission of an annual return when providing up to date information to Companies House. 
Its purpose is similar to the annual return, however, the government believes that this system will be more efficient as it offers a ‘check and confirm’ facility for you to ensure the information Companies House holds about your company is correct and up-to-date. Therefore, this new system for inclusion on the public register, is aimed at promoting transparency and reducing financial crime. 
The changes you can make on your confirmation statement are set out on Companies House website and include: shareholder’s information, to change your companies SIC code or amend the statement of capital. All other changes need to be made separately, also through Companies House website. 
The fee for submitting the confirmation will be the same as the annual return - £13 online, or £40 to file on paper. This annual fee will cover you for a 12 month period and there are no restrictions on how many changes are submitted through the year. 
Once a year your company will need to review the information and let Companies House know of any changes, including providing the information on your PSC register. 
When do I need to file? 
You must file your confirmation statement at the anniversary of the submission of your annual return. You now have a 14 day grace period instead of the previous 28 days. It is an offence to not file a confirmation statement within 14 days of the end of the relevant review period. 
Source: Companies House website, 
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