Pay & Benefits 

Do you risk losing valuable employees to competitors with better terms of employment? Do you know if your staff are leaving for higher pay or better benefits? Is your pay structure helping you to recruit the right calibre people? 
Recruitment and retention demand a coherent and fully competitive rewards package. 
You may want to restructure your pay scales in a manageable way, according to the limitations of your budget. 
An employee pay and benefit survey will help you find out the level of pay and benefits your team needs to stay loyal. By implementing the results of our especially designed surveys you can: 
reduce your staff losses 
achieve a happier workforce 
reduce costs 
We can provide a specialist consultant who will help you decide pay scales and benefits ranging from executive packages to complete salary structures. 
Competitors’ benefits 
Do you know how your employee benefits compare with your competitors? 
We have a good deal of experience in benchmarking organisations pay levels, both internally and in the wider labour market place. We’ll compare your structures with local, regional or national competitors. 
You may have a number of hidden cost-effective options to better benefit your employees without knowing it and we can help you through that maze to help you attract the best talent, who will be likely to stay loyal to your brand. 
Industry Change 
Your organisation, sector or region might be experiencing change (technological, legal or social) requiring you to adjust your pay structures to protect your business.  
Or you might be in a highly competitive fast-paced market place. 
Either way, Pegasus will undertake Job Evaluation studies to protect you against equal pay claims and to produce equitable and balanced pay and grading structures. 
If you are not aware of recent changes in the pensions field then call us today as they will impact on your costs and benefits structure. We can prevent you from running into any legal difficulty. 
Call us on 01379 898784 today to discuss how these services will work to help you reach and keep your key hardworking, talented and loyal staff. 
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