Employment Advice 

As an employer, you understand the complex nature of getting your staffing levels, relationships and communications in order to comply with current employment legislation. 
No employee or employer ever wants to have a high turnover of staff, or to have to endure an employment tribunal if it can be avoided, and instead be resolved in a timely and mutually beneficial way. It would be better to have someone to talk you through HR policy and practices, as well as legal processes, to ensure you provide the best outcome for all concerned. 
By engaging Pegasus HR to help you will receive practical timely advice on how to work within the employment legislation and meet its demands. We have a particular strength in giving guidance on disciplinary and grievance cases, mediation and assisted dispute resolution, dismissals and pre-employment tribunal support. 

All aspects of policy and practice 

It’s not just the specific employee issues you have to handle. It’s juggling the day to day tasks of creating and updating all the necessary HR systems and processes. 
Drawing up and implementing contracts of employment, employee handbooks and personnel policies, such as health and safety and equal opportunities, take time and all need specialist attention. 
Again, at Pegasus we are ready to take on these tasks for you and to develop these vital business documents on a timely basis. 
Job evaluations, as well as benchmarking pay and salary scales against your industry competitors, are also important exercises. Carrying out that research can eat into your working week and yet is needed to keep the business thriving. Why not hand these research and evaluation tasks over to our Pegasus team who have years of experience in this field? 
Call us today on 01379 898784 to receive a cost-effective quote tailored to your business and industry for any of these employment services. Click here to read September 2017 Employment Law update... 
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